Password Managers

Password managers are excellent tools for building good security practices. The managers promoted several good habits.

  1. Make it easy to use unique passwords for each website.

  2. Empower users to utilize strong passwords.

  3. Enable the safe sharing of passwords when the use case presents itself.


Our favorite password manager at MSJ is Dashlane.

Identity Dashboard Desktop Windows.png

Why Dashlane?

1. Dashlane Supports two-factor authentication. 


2. Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android are supported.


3. The included password health dashboard teaches users how to improve their passwords.


5. Dashlane warns users when their details appear in data breaches.


6. Spaces functionality enables users to store personal and work passwords safely.


7. Password sharing. Password sharing is great for the day the CEO is on vacation, and there is that one service that does not permit multiple accounts.​