Coronavirus Business Continuity Plan

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

The continuing spread of COVID-19 globally is a concern for people everywhere. While our clients in North America have been fortunate so far, it behooves them to prepare for a sudden change and the inability for employees to work from the office.

The World Health Organization's Workplace Ready Guidelines released on February 27, recommend that you review your business continuity plans.

What should your business continuity plans, BCP, include? MSJ recommends that your plans include the following:

A communication plan with a dedicated spokesperson

This person will be a go-to contact that will remain in contact with employees to share communication from management. This person can also track employee availability while they maintain communication.

Remote Access Plan

The plan should identify office data required to conduct day-to-day operations. The policy should also include a remote access tool to enable employees to access the identified data resources.

Many remote access options exist, and MSJ is happy to recommend tools that will work best for your needs. These tools must be both functional and secure.

Users should test remote access from home in advance. Advanced testing will enable IT to repair issues before the tools are required.

Remote Monitoring

Your service provider should have a solution in place to monitor remote access and systems.

For MSJ customers, we maintain run decks for each client to ensure that we can monitor and audit your environments each week. Our run decks, like business continuity plan run decks, are specifically designed to be run remotely.

Remote Access Policies

Your BCP may include acceptable use policies. These policies should consider the requirements of your BCP and provide clear instructions on how employees may remotely connect to your system. The plan will include details on using public wifi, public computers, and system policies for unmanaged devices.


Your BCP should focus on your business needs and be designed to ensure employees can operate under unusual circumstances. MSJ is here to guide you through the process.

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