Five Traits of Successful Cybersecurity Training

I often find myself explaining to clients that there is no single critical item in cybersecurity training. Instead, successful programs require an ongoing and multi-faceted approach.

This blog post introduces a multi-week series where we will discuss each of the factors required for success.

Before introducing our key factors, it is essential to define what a successful training program is. A cybersecurity program aims to mitigate the loss, trustworthiness, and availability of corporate data. The training component ensures employees can identify, prevent, and report issues immediately. For me, a successful program is one that empowers all employees, from the most tech-savvy to those least comfortable with technology, to reach our goals with no one left behind.

To ensure that everyone is well versed in cybersecurity, we believe that a successful program must have each of the following traits.

  • Embedded in Culture

  • Ongoing/Daily

  • Interactive

  • Fun

  • Encouraging

Join us for the next five weeks as we discuss each trait. Our blog next week will discuss the importance of culture.

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