Five Traits of Successful Cybersecurity Training - Encouraging

Welcome to the final article in our Five Traits of Successful Cybersecurity Training series. If this is your first read in the series, we recommend reading the previous posts before continuing. A table of contents of the series is available at the bottom of this article to assist with navigation.

In this article, we focus on the final trait, encouragement. To this point, we have tried to be inclusive and build a positive learning environment while repeating our cybersecurity story. Previously, we focused on the fact that cybersecurity is not enjoyable for many people.

In addition to enjoyment, the idea of cybersecurity can incite fear and panic in people. Supporting these people and working to help them understand the topic will make them active participants. Thinking back to our original article, our measure of success includes training all employees, which is why encouragement is critical.

For the group that fears technology and cybersecurity, we teach them vigilance and awareness. We teach the employees that they have nothing to fear. We empower them with the knowledge to spot technical issues and social engineering techniques. We also teach that their job is not to stop every attack but to ask questions and be vigilant at all times. This process will help the employees build comfort and make them active participants.

This group of employees transforms from being a risk to a critical cog in your cybersecurity program, making your training successful.

We hope you enjoyed this series. Let us know if you have any questions on training or topics you would like to see covered.

Five Traits of Successful Cybersecurity Training - Table of Contents

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