Five Traits of Successful Cybersecurity Training - Fun

Welcome to the fifth article in our Five Traits of Successful Cybersecurity Training series. If this is your first read in the series, we recommend reading the previous posts before continuing. A table of contents of the series is available at the bottom of this article to assist with navigation.

In this series, we discussed building security-focused culture, reinforcing that culture with ongoing training, and making the training interactive to keep our audience's attention. Today, we dig deeper into keeping our audience and our employees engaged by adding an element of fun.

For almost everyone, fun and cybersecurity are antonyms. When drawing a Venn diagram of the two items, most people would have zero overlaps. At MSJ, we encourage companies to think differently.

As trainers and leaders, you need to find a way to push the topics closer together to find the overlap of fun and training. Having fun while training leads people to have increased neurotransmitters in the brain, like morphine and dopamine, which promote learning [See reference 1].

How do we add fun into our training? We recommend these techniques.

  1. Add stories to your training, and don't regurgitate facts.

  2. Use props during presentations to lighten the mood.

  3. Add games to presentations and impromptu discussions.

  4. Use jokes to engage your audience.

Of course, not everyone has the bandwidth to add jokes to their presentations, but we recommend that you give it a shot while training people within your network.

Join us next week as we talk about our final trait, encouraging.

Five Traits of Successful Cybersecurity Training - Table of Contents


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