Five Traits of Successful Cybersecurity Training - Interactive

Welcome to the fourth article in our Five Traits of Successful Cybersecurity Training series. If this is your first read in the series, we recommend reading the previous posts before continuing. A table of contents of the series is available at the bottom of this article to assist with navigation.

Our first trait focused on building a culture. Our second trait, ongoing training, enhanced the culture we're attempting to develop. Today, our focus is on making training interactive.

This series has focused on reaching our goals by re-enforcing lessons and sharing responsibility throughout the organization. Unfortunately, this ongoing attention can also have downsides. Cybersecurity is not an exciting topic to many, and by continuing to reinforce lessons, we may lose our team's focus and interest. Also, the cost of training can be expensive. There is content to purchase, and productivity lost when users are learning and not producing.

Including interactive components can help keep the process fresh, you can engage people's individuality, you can keep the monotony at bay, and you can focus on short bursts of interactive learning to drive home a point.

Instead of sitting alone on a screen, your team can work on simple puzzles, vote on polls using your preferred communication tool, or try a quick phishing quiz. Another common approach is to send test phishing emails to identify if users can spot phishing attacks. These options will be a lot more enjoyable than users sitting at their desks, slowly clicking the next button on each video, and will bring value.

Some of our favorite things include a quick quiz on identifying strong passwords, sample phishing attacks, having people visit to see how much data is out there, and doing polls on Slack. In addition, tabletop exercises are a great way for leadership teams to teach the procedural side of cybersecurity.

Join us next week as we talk about trait number four, when we put the fun in our program.

Five Traits of Successful Cybersecurity Training - Table of Contents

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