VPN of choice - WireGuard

WireGuard is a modern VPN solution developed by EdgeSecurity. WireGuard is built from the ground up to utilize advanced encryption techniques, be easy to use and to be highly performant.

At MSJ, we have been testing WireGuard on our production systems for three months. After three months, we see that the claims are valid that WireGuard is easy to manage, use, and is performant.

During our testing, we identified our two favorite features of WireGaurd - roaming, and performance.

With older VPN tools, connections stop functioning when your public IP address change. IP changes have occurred multiple times each month during COVID as our highly available network connection swaps between modems. WireGuard adjusts instantly, and there is no perceived downtime or human interaction required to fix the VPN.

In our previous solution utilizing OpenVPN, our VPN connection performance was capped by the software's performance. Using the same host hardware, we are now longer hitting bandwidth limits in the software, helping us to keep costs down.

MSJ now recommends WireGuard and will continue to identify deployment and monitoring tools.

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