What is hiding on your network? - Vulnerability Scanning Edition

As networks grow and disperse into the cloud, home-office, and other systems, companies must know what is running in their environment. Unfortunately, many of the companies we talk to are not aware of what is happening on their network.

Network and systems engineers use multiple tools and techniques to understand what is happening on a network. These tools include inventory managers, vulnerability scanners, intrusion detection tools, endpoint protection software, and more. Each of these tools provides a significant piece of knowledge. In this article, we will focus on the importance of Vulnerability Scanners.

The first question is, what is a vulnerability scanner? A vulnerability scanner is a software solution that scans networks for software and devices that expose known issues. For example, the scanner will search for outdated operating systems or software with known security vulnerabilities. The software does this by sending network traffic and comparing responses against values in a signature database.

Like most modern software, vulnerability scanners come as physical appliances, virtual machines, and cloud-hosted SaaS solutions.

Effective vulnerability scanners must be updated daily to ensure that they are scanning against the latest known issues. This requirement makes the scanners expensive as developers have researchers constantly identifying issues and updating databases to keep client scans as useful as possible.

At MSJ, we believe that all organizations can benefit from vulnerability scans. The scans can quickly identify systems that require software patches, configuration changes, and devices that should not be on the network.

In line with our mission to provide the best services with an accessible model, MSJ provides vulnerability scanning as a service. This service saves our clients from the burden of having to purchase expensive scanning tools and annual licenses.

How often we run scans for clients depends on the business risk and data housed on the network. Whether you're high risk and need daily scans or have a cloud-based business and require quarterly scans, MSJ can help.

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