Windows 7 Will Not Self Destruct - But You Must Upgrade

Windows 7 End of Life, EOL, is currently dominating tech news. With the EOL only a few weeks away on January 14, your company should be finalizing plans now if it has not done so already.

For MSJ, the next steps are clear. After January 14, your computer will continue to work, but it will no longer receive security updates for discovered issues. The lack of updates will make Windows 7 a target for hackers as they look for easy ways to enter your business. Everyone must upgrade their Windows PCs because the risk of not receive security upgrades will become too high with time.

MSJ upgraded all client PCs with minimal issues based on the following decisions:

  1. If the computer is six years or older, and generally slow, we replace it with a new computer.

  2. If the computer is less than six years old, we have been upgrading systems with Microsoft's Windows Upgrade Tool. The upgrade tool will automatically update Windows 7 machines to Windows 10. Because we only buy Dell's, which store the license key in the bios, this upgrade process is free. You can find the tool at

Happy New Year and Happy Upgrading!

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