Security training via a website is dull and lacks engagement. MSJ training is interactive, conversational, educational, and designed to help employees catch data breaches before they happen.

Security Training

In-Person, Online, and Interactive

Our training sessions are open discussions, allowing your team to be open and ask questions.  These open discussions help team members of all technical skill levels leave with a better understanding of what to look for, how to identify risk, and lets them know that they can ask questions at any time.

Sessions also include interactive exercises to keep teams working together and discussing their new knowledge.

In a Meeting

Up-To-Date Standards


Presentations are continuously updated to include the latest security recommendations, tools, and incident descriptions that occur today. The evolving nature of the program keeps your team ready for the latest threats.

Comprehensive Coverage


Presentations focus on the latest trends, policies, and attacks. We believe that understanding the basics makes people less prone to mistakes and increase their focus on possible attacks.

Our agenda covers a wide variety of topics in a flowing presentation that builds knowledge throughout the program.


  • E-mail and Phishing

  • Personally Identifiable Information

  • Passwords and two-factor authentication

  • Physical security

  • Encryption

  • Information Security Policies

Covid-19 Online Training

With Covid-19, cybersecurity has never been a more important topic. Covid-19 has brought increased remote work, a more extensive network footprint, and less facetime with employees.

To continue to provide interactive training, MSJ uses online presentation tools, including Zoom. To ensure that users are involved and able to converse with us, all users can ask questions, unmute themselves, and have active video.  We may be remote, but we ensure that trainees are heard and included.

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