Vulnerability Scanning

To protect your network and data, you need to know what is running on your system. This requirement includes understanding several key factors:

  • Which physical hosts are on your system?

  • What software is running?

  • Is software with known vulnerabilities running?

  • Is your system configuration secure?

Vulnerability scanners answer all of these questions by running detailed scans of your network environment. 


Purchasing a vulnerability scanning license is expensive as the software is complex and needs to always be up-to-date. In line with our mission to provide the best services with an accessible model, MSJ provides vulnerability scanning as a service. We run our vulnerability scanner on your network at an agreed-upon cadence to help you identify issues and build a remediation plan. 

MSJ proudly runs Greenbone Security Manager as our scanner of choice. 

MSJ provides recurring services along with sales of Greenbone physical and virtual appliances.